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The Interview with Madame Sonia
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your news anchor Jeannie Jones coming to you live from the magnificent Biltmore Hotel here in Miami where I have just finished my exclusive interview with the reclusive author of children’s books known only as Madame Sonia.  Madame Sonia in so insistent on maintaining her anonymity  that even her publishers don’t know her real name. All communications must go through her agent. No one has ever met her. She insists that her goal is to represent all grandparents who want to bring her version of fantasy into the lives of their grandchildren.

You can’t help but be impressed by the overwhelming beauty and classic elegance of the Biltmore. It seems to transport you back to  another era, where it was the vacation spot for presidents, royalty, and films stars of every description . I couldn’t help feeling that this was a perfect spot to interview this mysterious woman.

We had lunch on the patio overlooking what was, for many years, the largest swimming pool in the world. As I watched the swimmers doing their methodical laps amid the beautiful lush garden, it seemed to provide the perfect  background for our interview. No one seemed to be particularly surprised by a person clad in a long pink chiffon robe, with a large hat and huge sunglasses that completely hid her face. What can I say? My six year old daughter is absolutely obsessed by the characters in her books, and I’m always glad when I get a tweet about their activities so I have something special to share with her when I get home.

You can’t help being aware of the great pleasure she takes in writing for her young readers. Some of her references are clearly meant to amuse the adult readers, but it’s the children who just can’t seem to get enough.